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Prevue Bejing Parakeet/Tiel Cage Blue/Blk

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Prevue Bejing Parakeet/Tiel Cage Looking for a roomy double roof design for your parakeets, cockatiels and other small-medium birds? If yes, then Prevue Beijing Parakeet/Tiel Cage is sure to be a great purchase. It features two large front opening doors plus a removable bottom grille and deep pull-out tray allow for convenient cleaning. This cage includes 2 outside access feed/water cups and 2 perches. Product Features: Designed for parrots, cockatiels and small/medium sized birds. Has a pretty double roof design. It has 2 plastic cups and 2 perches. Two huge front doors enable easy access to birds. Item Specifications: Color: Blue/Black Yellow Dimensions: 32 H X 14 W X 16 D Wire Spacing: 0.5In Bar Spacing: 0.5In Type: Table top Medium SP41730-1 534013 48081417317

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