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Hydor Hydroset Thermostat with Temperature Dial: Hydroset Thermostat

T03301 841421000299 Hydor Hydroset electronic thermostat regulates the temperature of aquarims and terrariums when used with the appropriate heating device. The Hydroset is equipped with an independent heating probe that work in water or air, which is...

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JW Fusion Smart Temp Aquarium Thermometer: Smart Temperature Aquarium

21600 618940216001 We are proud to introduce the NEW SmartTemp Thermometer. This unique design combines a thermometer with a magnet. Attach to the inside of the tank to make sure your aquarium water is the right temperature for your fish. - High accuracy...

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Lifegard Aquatics Little Time or Temp: Little Time or Temp

R270778 788379307103 Lifegard Aquatics Little Time or Temp is a digital clock and thermometer with illuminating light for accurate measurement of aquarium water or room temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Safe for salt or freshwater use. - Accurate measurement...

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Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temp Alert: Big Digital Temp Alert

270779 788379307110 Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temp Alert displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature. Large display digital thermometer with Alert feature. - Displays both aquarium & room temperature - Four alert features - alarm...

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Zoo Med Aquatic Digital Aquarium Thermometer: Digital Aquarium Thermo

TH25 97612300260 The Zoo Med Aquatic Digital Thermometer provides accurate readings of your aquarium environment, and features a digital display for quick readings, suction cup for easy placement and an included battery. - Easy-to-read digital thermometer...

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