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Hagen Exo-Terra Exo Terra Fogger - Ultrasonic Fog Generator

PT2080 15561220804 Exo Terra Fogger increases air humidity levels up to 100%! Great visual effect. Simulates low clouds and fog in the tropical terrariums. Exo Terra Fogger generates early morning dew in desert terrariums. Operates in any water part as...

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Zoo Med ReptiRain Automatic Misting Machine: ReptiRain Misting Machin

HM10 97612950106 The Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine is a programmable misting unit for terrariums, bird cages, aviaries or indoor gardens. ReptiRain increases relative humidity in your terrarium, provides drinking water for your animals...

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Zoo Med Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier: Repti Fogger Humidifier

RF-10 97612950151 The Zoo Med Repti Fogger has a compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger with adjustable fog output control to help you increase your tank's humidity. The Repti Fogger has a no spill valve that is easy to remove and makes refilling a breeze....

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Hagen Exo-Terra Exo Terra Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer: 2 Quarts

PT2491 15561224918 Exo Terra Mister Portable Pressure Sprayer is a pressurized mister that effectively humidifies reptile terrariums. This large capacity mister provides a continuous spray of pressurized mist that increases the humidity in reptile habitats....

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