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Kaytee Complete Chinchilla Kit: 31 W x 6.25 L x 18.5"

100511107 45125601596 The Kaytee Complete Chinchilla Kit includes a roomy 3-level wire cage, delicious wholesome food, luxurious bedding, a water dispenser and a feeding bowl - everything your furry friend needs for a safe and happy home! - All-in-one...

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Marchioro Products Marchioro Chinchilla Cage Kit: 24.5L x 24.5W x 28

2027106200928 691318362661 The Marchioro Chinchilla Cage Kit is a miniature mansion for your small pet. The multi-level cage is sized for perfect accommodation of chinchillas and other critters, and includes every accessory you need to make your pet feel...

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Kaytee Chin Hut for Chinchillas: 8L x 8W x 6.25H

100079175 45125604191 The Kaytee Chinchilla Hut is an all natural wood house that slides together with no glue or screws. It fits neatly into any pet home, providing chinchillas, pet rats and other critters with the perfect hideout to facilitate sleeping,...

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Lixit Blue Beauty Dust for Chinchillas: 3 lbs

30-0605-006 76711006051 Lixit Blue Beauty Dust is a very fine, natural powder with no glass or sand content. It makes an ideal medium to provide a safe, clean, healthy dust bath for your small pet. Just place it in a dry bath and watch it your chinchilla...

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