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Prevue Parrot Square Roof Bird Cage

Vendor: BIRDS


Prevue Pet Square Roof Parrot Cage The Prevue Parrot Square Roof Bird Cage, with a large front door for easy access and opens down landing style, offers plenty of room for small parrots such as African grays and eclectuses. Cleaning is quick and easy due to the removable bottom grille and pull out bottom drawer. Three heavy duty plastic cups and two hard wood perches are included for your convenience. This cage will fit into the cage stand model 2521S (Item Number 533507) which is sold separately. Product Features: Offers plenty of room for small parrots such as African grays and eclectuses Large front door provides for easy access to pets & opens down landing-style Removable bottom grille & pull-out bottom drawer for easy cleaning Included three heavy-duty plastic cups and 2 hard wood perches Item Specifications: Size: Cage dimensions: 25 W x 21 D x 29.5 H Wire spacing: 3/4 9 gauge wire Color: Black Small SP25217B/B 48081252512

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