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Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage Black

Vendor: BIRDS


Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage features scrollwork on top and sides of the cage, along with decorative finial for hanging. It has large inside space for cockatiels, 2 outside access feed and water cups, as well as 2 perches. Product Features: A heavy duty tubular cage It has a pull-out drawer for easy cleaning. Designed for parakeets, canaries, fines and all small-medium birds. Item Specifications: Color: Black White Dimensions: 25 H X 18 W X 18 D Wire Spacing: 0.625In Bar Spacing: 0.38In Top: Dome Type: Hanging and table top Weight: 20 lbs 220BLK 534017 48081220009

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