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Ferret Nation Hide and Seek Ferret Tunnel



Ferret Nation Hide & Seek Ferret Tunnel The Ferret Nation Hide & Seek Tunnel is one toy your fuzzy won't want to be without! Satisfy your pet's natural tunneling instinct with this easy-to-clean, super soft tube that does double duty: when playtime is done, it makes the perfect snuggle spot. Great for multi-ferret households. Features: Great fun for ferrets - encourages exercise and satisfies the instinctual urge to tunnel Reduces boredom and helps eliminate cage stress Offers your furry friend a private, dark spot to rest Poly microsuede fabric is durable and long-lasting Stain- and odor-resistant Washer- and dryer-safe Item Specifications: Dimensions: 40L x 51/4D Color: Blue Materials: Polyester NA-TNL 27773015338

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